Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Protests In Limbo

In the wake of 14 violent deaths this year, two city protests are awaiting official approvals.

One group expects to hold a march Saturday (Sept. 10, 2005) nearly from border to border in the city, but approvals are still lacking.

The group wants to hold a march and motorcade from Rushmore Playground in the West End to to Milt Campbell Field atthe city's east border.

Another group wants to carry a symbolic casket across several blocks in the troubled West End but has not yet received permit approval.

Public Safety Director Jiles Ship said Wednesday the proposed Sept. 10 “Stop the Violence” march and motorcade from Rushmore Playground in the West End to Milt Campbell Field at the city’s East End had not received final approval as of Wednesday (Sept. 7, 2005).

Another protest is scheduled for Sept. 17, by Cathedral International., a church that is currently meeting at Plainfield High School. Organizers want to carry a casket along Fourth Street between Clinton and Plainfield avenues. Church congregant Sarah Pretty said Tuesday the group wants to hold a “Stop the Funeral” march.

Citing 13 deaths in recent months, Pretty said, “We do not feel it’s normal to have that kind of violence.”

By the next day, news reports notched the total deaths to 14.

-- Bernice Paglia