Friday, June 09, 2006

Cody For Freeholder

A call to the Union County Clerk's Office revealed that one person from Plainfield had filed as an independent to have his name on the November ballot.
But the contender was not after a City Council seat. Melvin Cody wants to be a Union County freeholder.
Cody, 61, is the current president of the Rushmore Avenue Block Association and serves on the Plainfield Zoning Board of Adjustment.
"I decided if anybody really had an interest in helping the city or the county out, they should become an elected official," Cody said Friday (June 9, 2006). "I believe in community."
Cody said while he has never run for elective office before, he has been involved with civic organizations. A retired letter carrier trainer, he has a business, Cody Events, that organizes special parties, such as Sweet Sixteen or anniversaries.
Making himself known to voters countywide may seem daunting for a first-time candidate, but Cody said he has a strategy. But he refused to elaborate. Even though the Democratic primary winners seem to have a firm grip on the board, Cody said, "I am not worried about the incumbents."
He sees lowering county taxes as a prime issue, saying senior citizens and poor people are suffering.
"The solid majority of middle class people are struggling to make ends meet," he said.
Cody is confident of his chance to serve.
"I have a heart for the people and I am willing to give my all for the people," he said.

--Bernice Paglia


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