Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another Homicide

Police cordoned off an apartment building at Crescent Avenue and East Seventh Street to investigate yet another homicide in the city.

Police Chief Edward Santiago confirmed the homicide and said the victim had been identified, but no more details will be given until a press release is issued later today.

The apartment building, known as Viola's Place, is just steps from City Hall and is across the street from Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church.

A neighbor from a building two doors down said he heard a volley of gunshots early in the morning while he was in bed.

A small group of residents sat on the East Seventh Street side of the L-shaped building, talking among themselves in Spanish and telling passersby that someone had been killed. But they had no further information.

The building is next to a house on East Seventh Street where a womnan was found dead in the back yard about a year ago.

As more information becomes available, Plaintalker will post an update.

--Bernice Paglia


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