Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ray Blanco's Blog

When the City Council resumes meetings next week, many people will relive their emotions on learning of the untimely death of Ray Blanco.

The council must necessarily pick a replacement for the city-wide at-large seat and a new City Council president. For many, the transition will just be a reminder of losing Ray.

Ray paid Plaintalker a great tribute when he decided, based on our blog's example, to start his own. It is called "Communicating With Plainfield" and can still be seen at for the time being.

It is worth a look. Ray's many sides, from informing to persnickety, come out in his blog posts. He also tries to set a tone for the city as well as a standard of performance.

Plainfield has lost a great advocate as well as a great promoter of public dialogue in Ray. It would be wonderful if everyone who closely watches the city would put information or opinions up on a blog for all others' edification or argument.

--Bernice Paglia


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