Thursday, October 19, 2006

Roads On Recovery

After all the turbulence of the past week, Thursday’s Planning Board meeting was refreshing in its simple promise of better roads in the future.

Planners endorsed improvements along Netherwood Avenue from the train station north to the city limits. Court Place, the short one-way street next to the Municipal Court/Police Division complex, will be fixed up. West Eighth Street from the South Plainfield border to Park Avenue will be improved, with special considerations such as slate sidewalk replacement for the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District .

Watchung Avenue from Front Street to Sixth Street is on the list for repairs, as is a portion of South Second Street.

Of course, all this will depend on the issuance of bonds for capital improvements.

The Planning Board deferred approval of North Avenue and Gavett Place road improvements, because of proposed development there. A redevelopment plan for the North Avenue Historic District may be amended.

On Aug. 23, Landmark Development Corp. was given conditional designation as the redeveloper for the site, with 90 days to formulate a redeveloper’s agreement. However, maps associated with the resolution reflect a proposed expansion of the redevelopment area that has not yet received governmental approval.

Oops, are we making things more complicated?


--Bernice Paglia


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