Tuesday, February 13, 2007

PMUA Meetings Tonight

The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority is holding its annual reorganization tonight as well as a rate hearing.

The rate hearing is 6 p.m. and the reorganization meeting is 7 p.m. at the Authority’s offices, 127 Roosevelt Ave.

The PMUA provides solid waste and sewer services to the city. It sets rates for property owners to pay for services including garbage removal, bulk waste pickup, recycling, drop-off at the Rock Avenue transfer station and sewer flow.

A little-known fact is that each flush of the toilet involves not one but three authorities. PMUA is responsible for sanitary sewer lines within the city. The Plainfield Area Regional Sewerage Authority, or PARSA, serves the city and about a dozen other municipalities. Waste ends up in a treatment plant operated by the Middlesex County Utilities Authority, or MCUA.

The sewer rates charged by PMUA thus include pass-along fees from two other authorities.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

PMUA is a crook. you charge me $589 for sewage only because I went to another garbage hauler. you guys are the MAFIA of Plainfield, NJ. You treat the City of Plainfield as if you own the City. Residents don't know that they can go to other haulers and you try to keep other haulers out of the City of Plainfield. PMUA acts as if they have a monopoly and stronghold on the City of Plainfield and this is unfair to residents and taking away residents rights to choose who they want to choose. Many residents do not know that PMUA is not part of the City of Plainfield and is privately run and operated and further more is not regulated by the Board of Public Utilities in Newark, NJ and charges residents whatever they want. Some residents pay less depending on their political status and some residents and non residents landlord pay twice to balance those who pay little to nothing.

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