Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Every time I walked past this pole in recent weeks, I felt the need to tell PSE&G about it. For a while, a yard-long chunk was lying on the grass nearby. Landscapers got rid of it, but the damage to the pole remains untouched.
The location is East Seventh Street, just south of 606 Crescent Avenue. Finally, I scribbled the pole numbers on the back of the April 1 Order of Service from church and called PSE&G when I got home. Alas, the telephone tree did not allow for such information to be conveyed.

But looking up, I saw a lot of equipment serving both sides of the block. I called Public Works to ask if they knew how to alert PSE&G, but they didn't know. So the next step was the PSE&G web site. It has many options, but reporting damaged poles isn't on the list. My last resort was a message to the web master pointing out the lack of a way to communicate this problem so it could be fixed. For all I know, it's on somebody's to-do list already. I hope so, because to my eye it looks like a disaster waiting to happen. If anybody knows how to report it, please do so. Thanks!
--Bernice Paglia


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