Friday, May 18, 2007

Plaintalker Marks Milestones

Plaintalker hit one milestone today with the 600th entry and will mark two years of publication on June 5. In blog years, that's a lot.

Early on, when I mentioned the blog, many people asked, "What's a blog?" Now there are several Plainfield blogs and their readership is growing. The most popular topic currently is redevelopment, but blogs also offer glimpses of city life that help us understand each other as the city changes.

Both candidates for the Second Ward City Council seat, Tony Rucker and incumbent Cory Storch, have started blogs. Former city spokesman Dan Damon blogs about City Hall antics and Maria Pellum highlights the Crescent Area Historic District. Dr. Gregory Palermo has begun a blog about Plainfield trees.

Blogging is very easy to start, but demands a lot of time. to keep it up. Gathering information can take many hours. When the effort exceeds a blogger's enthusiasm or ability to post, the blog is over.

So far, this writer is inclined to continue, albeit with a few more breaks than in the past. Thanks to all the readers who have said they enjoy Plaintalker and rely on the blog for information.

--Bernice Paglia


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