Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It has now been eight months since I took up walking instead of driving. The idea of getting a new car is becoming less and less attractive. Certainly, by walking I have seen things I would never have discovered through a windshield. Maybe I will be forced to get a car for some reason in the near future, but meanwhile I am enjoying my pedestrian existence.

The crocheted dragonfly above used to dangle from my rearview mirror. After I took it down, I wondered about it. Who would take the time to crochet this whimsical creature with so much intricate detail? It turns out this dragonfly wearing a tutu is an example of amigurumi, a Japanese art that crocheters all over the world have taken up. This one was a gift from my daughter, whose location in Seattle gives her access to a treasure trove of Asian food, arts and customs.

Click here to see a Flickr set of amigurumi. There are lots of pattern books available for anyone inclined to give amigurumi a try. Some people even make tiny animals using sewing thread and a very fine crochet hook.

I have always enjoyed crocheting, both for useful items and fiber art. To see something take shape from a ball of yarn or string is always interesting to me. And for sheer ingenuity, amigurumi beats the heck out of granny squares.

--Bernice Paglia


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