Monday, July 02, 2007

A Must-Read Blog

For those who haven't seen it yet, Dr. Gregory Palermo's new blog will be a delightful surprise.

Those who have read it from the first entry in April already know it to be a gem of information and entertainment, guaranteed to make the reader appreciate trees more than ever.

"Plainfield Trees" is not a blog of ruminations or hype. Each entry is based on research and personal investigation. Seen through Greg's eyes, each tree species is fascinating, each specimen a celebrity in the neighborhood.

Readers can see why members of the new Shade Tree Commission (including me) were glad that Greg got the five-year term out of a set of staggered terms starting at one year. His passion for trees and the city's own community forest is evident. The commission also chose him as its first chairman.

The commission needs a few more members. Anyone who has previously submitted an application to be a member is urged to follow up with the mayor's office on the status of the application. Others may download the application from the city's web site, complete it and turn it in at the mayor's office. Keep a copy so you can follow up if there is no response.

Entries on Plainfield Trees are copyrighted and I hope they will be published in print form one day. Meanwhile, bookmark this blog and keep it high on your list of favorites. As blogs go, it stands out like solid oak next to veneer. This is not to demean the daily bloggers, but to recognize the scholarship and thought that go into Greg's work.

Plainfield pride takes many forms. Some people prize its housing stock, others its diversity above all else. How interesting to find someone willing to share a personal absorption with the city's trees, those living beings that tower over us as we go about our human endeavors in the Queen City.

--Bernice Paglia


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