Monday, August 06, 2007

Operation Cease-Fire

With all the thousands of dollars committed to public relations and communication in this administration, how strange is it that the roll-out of Operation Cease-Fire should take place in a post on the Plainfield forum:

Recently, last week, a shooter opened fire in an after hours club on East Front Street in Plainfield. One person was struck twice in the abdomen and a female was struck in her leg...This case is unsolved.
Hello, I am Sgt. Larry R. Brown, Jr., of the Plainfield Police Division. I am the supervisor of Plainfield's new CeaseFire initiative.
CeaseFire is a joint effort between the Citizens of Plainfield, the Plainfield Police Division, the Union County Prosecutor's Office, the New Jersey State Police, and the New Jersey Attorney General's Office.
The initiative focuses on shootings in Plainfield The motto is "The Campaign to Stop the Next Shooting."
Last year we had 286 incidents of shots fired with 28 people hit. This year, we are on #24.
24 people hit is not acceptable.
Under Operation CeaseFire, a team of investigators would be initially called out and would treat every shooting as if it was a homicide.
The Prosecution team will fast track the shooters through the judicial system (The quicker you get a shooter off the street with a football sentence, the better the message to potential shooters) and will monitor bail (If you post bail for a shooter, your income will be scrutinized).
A second team of civilian outreach workers would respond to the troubled neighborhood in which the shooting occurred and to the victim and his family.
The civilian outreach aspect would encourage cooperation with the police (most of our shooting victims follow the street "No Snitching" rule).
The civilian team also creates an atmosphere of "We don't tolerate shootings in this neighborhood and you can't hide here."
In Newark and Irvington, they give out shirts and place lawn signs that advertise Operation CeaseFire and the TIPS number (in Plainfield it is 908-753-8477).
So PLEASE support this initiative. Its been successfull in Newark/Irvington and in Chicago. (Go to ChicagoCeasefire and see what those folks are doing).
I've been a Police Officer since 1985 and grew up in the streets of Plainfield, this initiative will work ONLY with the support of the Citizens.
Sgt. Larry R. Brown, Jr.Plainfield CeaseFire Team(908) 753-3048

My e-mail to the director of Public Affairs & Safety for more information went unanswered Monday.
I urge people to support the initiative. I'm just wondering why this was the means of announcement.

--Bernice Paglia


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