Monday, October 22, 2007

Step Up from Dollar Stores?

When I was downtown recently, a business owner pointed out two storefronts with big $5-and-up signs in the windows. By his estimation, the downtown is still depending on people with limited means to shop there. The styles still have an urban, youth-oriented flavor that sends some Plainfielders out of town to get more conservative outfits for office or professional wear.

The two stores, which appear to be under one ownership, replaced these separate businesses selling jewelry and linens. There are lots more changes coming downtown, as some longtime business are up for sale.

Meanwhile, the new downtown plaza at Park and Front has become overgrown with weeds that all but obscure the small shrubs.

Low-end goods and high weeds - not likely to please the coming transit village crowd. What can Plainfield do to make the downtown more inviting to a broad range of shoppers?
--Bernice Paglia


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