Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Carter Speaks on Shooting Response

At Tuesday’s school board meeting, Interim Schools Superintendent Peter E. Carter recounted how district officials learned of the tragic shooting of 16-year-0ld Marquise Randle, a Plainfield High School student.

Carter said Interim High School Principal Walter Rusak was at a school dance Friday evening when he was informed of the shooting. Officials immediately began strategizing “what to do on Monday to help,” he said.

An open line to the young athlete’s hospital room was arranged “so the football players could talk to their team-mate,” Carter said.

“It is a police matter, but it is also a human matter,” he said. “We can hug the children and tell them everything is going to be as all right as possible.”

Staff members went to the hospital and were at the young man’s side Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Carter said.

“That’s the kind of humanity we have here in Plainfield,” he said.

Marquise, the son of Plainfield Police Officer Khisha Bethea, suffered partial paralysis when he was shot in the stomach Friday by a Roselle police officer. The circumstances are under investigation by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office. Carter left it to the press to give updates on the progress of Marquise’s recovery, but he said, “Be assured, my people, the human side of this administration pervades everything, every day, for as long as we are here to do it.”

--Bernice Paglia


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