Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Senior Center Update for November

After hearing Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' report on the new senior center's progress, I walked over to take a look. Each month the mayor reads an update prepared by Isaac Kirzner of Dornoch Plainfield LLC and as was stated, the foundation has been completed. Anchor bolts for the steel columns have been installed. Still to come are stair and elevator shafts this month.

While watching the workers, I noticed one person who seemed to be operating a small machine without actually touching it. Back at home, I looked it up and sure enough, it is a radio-operated compacting machine to press down the loose soil. In concept, it reminded me of those Radio Shack remote-controlled toy cars, but as you can see, this little rugged machine is a workhorse.

According to a contracting industry publication, the advantage of radio control is that the operator is safer than if he were physically running a machine to compress the soil in tight work spaces.
Here's another view of the work site at 400 East Front Street.
The mayor usually visits the seniors on the first Tuesday of each month, but was at the center today due to the elections yesterday.
--Bernice Paglia


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