Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Progress in Plaza Cleanup

Here's a big mess at the base of the Twin City sign last week.
Here's how it looks now.
There were signs that the hedges all around the plaza had been raked free of debris. Now they just need to be trimmed.
This property is owned by a Somerville company, not by Twin City. The cleanup and placement of rodent traps is a good sign that the company wants to be a good neighbor at Park & Seventh.
If you have never been in Twin City, make a visit. Not all major brands are on hand, but there is a fresh fish market, deli counter, butcher shop and take-out food and cappucino bar inside. The store has specialties from almost every Central American country, a big array of herbs and spices, fresh bread and rolls, lots of interesting fruits and vegetables, housewares and canned goods.
A lot of local people get lunches and dinners there, either eating at the counter or to take home. I have learned to say, "Dos empanadas, por favor," to get a quick lunch for $2.
--Bernice Paglia


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