Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Winter has not been kind to Cedar Brook Park, my neighbor and I found out on a walk around the park Sunday.

We saw severe erosion, many fallen trees and branches and other debris that made us think a big cleanup was in order.

The pond has been stripped of all its shoreline vegetation, although there are some new plantings marked off by orange streamers.

The water seemed quite clear in the pond and the brook, but whether that was due to recent heavy rains or improvements made by Union County, we couldn’t say.

We saw many early-blooming trees with yellow blooms. I always thought they were Spicebush, but tree expert Dr. Greg Palermo says they are a form of Dogwood. Upon seeing the four bracts and clusters of small yellow flowers, I think I must concede that they are either Cornus Officionalis or Cornus Mas. Above, my neighbor holds a branch in her gloved hand.

We saw lots of robins, a male mallard, a song sparrow pair and mourning doves on our walk, which was a very enjoyable way to clear the cobwebs of recent dark and dank weather.

Plainfielders have two very lovely county parks to enjoy, Cedar Brook and Green Brook. If time allows, take a walk with your senses open to new spring sights and sounds.

--Bernice Paglia


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