Monday, April 14, 2008

Citywide Garage Sale Put Off to 2009

A City Council discussion on waiving permits for a proposed June citywide garage sale concluded with an agreement that more time is needed to plan such an event.

Officials said more planning is needed for advertising the event, deciding on an optimal date and resolving what City Administrator Marc Dashield called "operational issues."

The garage sale issue arose when some officials decided the success of the annual Friends of Sleepy Hollow garage sale should be expanded to a citywide sale with permit fees waived. But FOSH organizers pointed out the fact that their fee covered not only the city permit cost, but also regional advertising that drew hundreds of bargain hunters to participating homes. The group sought not a fee waiver, but just more streamlined processing of the many permits needed.

For a successful citywide sale, the city would have to replicate the approach used by FOSH over the past 15 years.

Meanwhile, there is nothing to stop anyone inclined to hold a garage sale from doing so for a small permit fee. Click here for a very comprehensive tutorial on how to hold a successful garage sale.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't really take more than 2 months to advertise a citywide garage sale. Couldn't the city's public relations/communications dept. take care of this? They don't seem to be overly busy with putting out a lot of positive Plainfield news throughout the region.

2:33 PM  

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