Wednesday, July 16, 2008

35-Year Educator Retires

Matlyn Joyce Alston received a standing ovation and accolades Tuesday (July 15, 2008) as the school board accepted her retirement after 35 years of service.

Alston, a math coordinator at Evergreen School, said her work had "truly been a pleasure" and thanked everyone, saying, "It has been the best 35 years of my life."

Cedarbrook School Principal Frank Asante came to the microphone to laud Alston.

"She was my mentor 15 years ago," he said, and named several others who achieved administrative roles with Alston's help.

"She's a principal-maker," he said. "Thank you, Ms. Alston."

Ellen Wilson Murray, an elementary teacher at Cedarbrook, also retired with 10 years of service. Board of Education Vice President Martin Cox read the resolution accepting the retirements into the record.

Numerous other personnel matters were passed in a single vote. The board briefly went into closed session to discuss a resolution on terminations of unnamed individuals, then emerged to vote without disclosing further information. The names are on file with Board Secretary Gary Ottmann, according to the resolution.

--Bernice Paglia


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