Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Blogger: Mapp

Former Freeholder and Councilman Adrian Mapp has launched a blog. Click here to see it.

Mapp and Annie McWilliams won the June primary and are now on the Democratic slate for the Nov. 4 general election along with Councilman William Reid. Mapp seeks the Third Ward seat and is unopposed except for a write-in campaign by Brenda Gilbert. McWilliams, daughter of the late Mayor Albert T. McWilliams, is making her political debut as a candidate for the Citywide At-Large seat, opposed by Republican Deborah Dowe. Reid is running for the balance of the First Ward term. He was appointed to the seat in January after incumbent Rayland Van Blake became a Union County freeholder.

Mapp was denied nomination for a second term on the all-Democrat freeholder board. He is the object of enmity from the Regular Democratic Organization, although by winning the primary, he is now on the RDO line for the general election. His crime, as once described by a high muckety-muck of the RDO, is that he thinks for himself. The horror!

Mapp's RDO opponent in the primary was Councilman Don Davis. Annie McWilliams vanquished none other than City Council President Harold Gibson. The upset, by New Democrats, progressive Democrats or whatever one wants to call them, was a blow to the RDO. Of course, now that they have the line, they are putative RDOs themselves.

Hearing of the write-in campaign against Mapp, which Gilbert has confirmed, raised the wicked thought that there could also be a write-in against Reid. Currently, only Councilman Cory Storch is standing up to the machinations of the entrenched party. With McWilliams and Mapp, by January he might be able to count to three. With a progressive write-in candidate in the First Ward, he could count to four!

As former Mayor Richard L. Taylor often spake, the only thing that matters on the seven-member City Council is the ability to count to four.

Plainfield politics are always interesting. The sequence of terms is such that next year the mayoralty and the Fourth Ward seat will be up for grabs. I think it was Gilbert herself who once intoned at a council meeting, "Remember in November - stayed tuned in June!"

--Bernice Paglia


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