Monday, August 18, 2008

South Avenue Plan Withdrawn, Still Challenged

The ordinance that would have set the stage for a 5-story, 75 unit per acre residential project at Leland and South avenues was withdrawn from the City Council’s agenda Monday (Aug. 18, 2008).

Still, neighborhood protesters vowed to challenge it, saying the proposed parameters were out of line. Speakers said the site should have no more than three stories and should not have triple the current density.

Dubbed TOD-N, the ordinance set bulk use requirements for a portion of the area around the Netherwood train station. It included just the north side of South Avenue around the former G.O. Keller’s dry cleaning site.

“This ordinance will reduce the legal protections the city will have to say ‘no’ to developers,” said Tony Rucker, president of Netherwood Neighbors Association.

Rucker cited concerns over added traffic in the area, among other questions.

Jim Spear, another member of the association, said the group was “adamantly opposed” to the ordinance as written.

Spear said the group will be seeking support from other neighborhood associations to oppose the ordinance.

The next chance for the matter to be heard is in September. The City Council meets again for an agenda session on Sept. 8, with a regular meeting on Sept. 15.

--Bernice Paglia


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