Saturday, November 08, 2008

Reflecting on the Season

Lots of flowers are still in bloom in my yard and even the butterfly bush has produced a spray of purple blossoms. Crickets can still be heard at night and frost has not yet struck.

Maybe the collective sigh of relief over the election of Barack Obama has warmed the atmosphere. I turned on Channel 74 for yet one more look at the program on the Mayor's Summer Youth Program and instead saw a tape of election night at Democratic headquarters, where the mood heightened to a jubilant mix of tears, dancing and chants as the victory played out. (I can't tell you when to look for the program again, because there was no notice of it on the city web site.)

Among Central Jersey winners, Public Works Director Jennifer Wenson Maier won re-election to the Ward 5 council seat in Rahway. Once again she beat her rival, James A. Pekarofski, this time by a higher margin than in 2004. On Nov. 4, she got 898 votes to Pekarofski's 526, up from 799-623 the last time.

Barack's success was hailed on WBAI's show Labbrish early Saturday (3 to 5 a.m.) with a fascinating medley of tribute songs in all sorts of styles, from reggae to R&B, presented by host Habte Selassie. In fact, every single radio host has commented on the historic win and what it means now and for the future.

Right this minute on WNYC, Plainfield film maker Byron Hurt is projecting Obama as a new example of masculinity for young men. Let us hope! I still see all too much of strangers' boxer shorts in my travels around Park & Seventh.

No doubt every church in Plainfield will resound Sunday with prayers for the president-elect. His work ahead is more than challenging, it is crucial for the future of millions here and around the world. For the time being, we can enjoy the season's lingering warmth and the joy of Obama's achievement before girding for the cold, hard times ahead.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To show a partisan political celebration by the city's municipal chair and local democratic leadership is more evidence that the mayor and Jerry Green consider channel 74 to be their personal television station and not that of the people of Plainfield. The city council and especially the two new councilors must take the bull by the horns and let them know uncategorically that the station is for the people and not a jumping off board for one party or the other. That the city council continues to do nothing to monitor the anti-democratic airwaves of the public access station is nothing short of shameful. Can we expect to see Jerry Green congratulating the mayor on yet another failed policy or initiative and her reciprocating by praising him over and over all throughout the upcoming election season? If so, they will be sued for being in violation of the laws regarding public access television.

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