Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hold on to Cold Cash

Even before Bernie "Madoff" with folks' money, the public was growing increasingly insecure about spending and investing. Need a place to keep all those dollars you didn't spend on holiday gifts? Don't trust the backyard buried coffee can or the mattress as a depository?

Check this out. Years ago Audrey sent me a present from a "spy store" in Seattle. Even though I seldom have much of a bankroll to hide, this soda can safe is a pretty good decoy compared to other methods.

Nestled on a shelf along with the butter and pickle relish, the can looks authentic enough to be passed over by the average burglar.

But look who's inside! The insulated can will also accommodate jewelry or maybe that thumb drive with all the interesting data on it. Just hope you don't get one of those hungry burglars who decides to have a sandwich and a drink as long as he is inside your house.
You could also keep vital personal information in there, but make sure you tell a trusted person to check it in case of an emergency.
Another option is similar to freezing your credit card in ice to prevent spur-of-the-moment usage. If you keep extra cash in the soda can safe instead of in your wallet, you have to take an extra step to access it and maybe it will be enough time to reconsider a non-essential purchase.
The recession is supposed to get worse in 2009 before things improve. Don't let money burn a hole in your pocket, keep that cash cold - in the refrigerator.
--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your post reminded me of how my grandparents used to "hide" their savings at home. Being the little one at home I was allowed to follow them to their "hiding places", and that's a memory that certainly warms my heart everytime I think of it. Thanks!


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