Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bargains in Westfield

A very popular store in downtown Westfield is having a clearance sale, just in time for pennypinchers to fulfill their New Year's resolutions to pinch even harder.

An article in The Westfield Leader online caught my eye and informed me that The Leader Store was closing after 61 years. My shock was tempered as I read on that the store needs to empty out merchandise so that a year-long renovation can take place.

Here's what I like about The Leader Store: It has sensible clothing and footwear for active people. The store reminds me of old ones in East Orange in the 1950s, where walls of merchandise dazzle the eye, but helpful staff can winnow out just the items you are seeking. I was perusing a floor-to-ceiling array of socks when an employee helped me find the warm boot socks I need for my outdoor travels.

Click here for Jan. 8 issue of The Westfield Leader and look in the lower right corner for an image of The Leader Store, located at 109 East Broad Street.

It's worth a visit, and many other stores in downtown Westfield, such as Gap and Randal's Shoes, are also having sales.

--Bernice Paglia


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