Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on Mousie

I left the City Council meeting early Monday to go home and check on Mousie, who is still recovering from emergency surgery and needs help to drink and eat.

Mousie was not himself in more ways than one after neutering and misbehaved rather spectacularly overnight Sunday. Audrey tells me an after-effect of the anesthetic can be hallucinations, which might explain his manic behavior. He was better Monday and resumed taking naps, but I was afraid he might become dehydrated since he could not drink water freely without knocking over containers with his plastic e-collar.

He was fine when I got home. We are counting down the days to March 5, when he sees the vet again and hopefully can stop having to wear the collar. Obviously he can't groom himself , scratch his ears or do other things that fill up a cat's day.

I will try to post more on the council meeting later.



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