Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Park & Seventh Road Hazards Repaired!

On Monday, workers came to fix the dangerously rutted road left behind by water main repairs in 2008. The lumpy road was a nuisance both to drivers and walkers.

Despite the damage, the road was striped when new traffic lights were installed at the intersection. Officials said the striping was necessary for safety.

Here is the lovely new smooth stretch of roadway, a pleasure to walk on and no longer a jarring experience for drivers. All it needs now is re-striping. Thanks to New Jersey American Water or whoever set things right at this very busy corner!
--Bernice Paglia


Blogger active citizen said...

I'm glad they finally finished the road repairs, but the city didn't consider several important items at some of the intersections in town.

Some intersections have a left turn lane and a straight/right turn lane. I applaud that, but poor planning has botched it again. At some intersections the meter parking goes almost to the corner and for those wishing to go straight or turn right there is a back up. The two worst are the corner at Park and Seventh coming from Eighth Street and the one at Watchung and Front, coming from North Plainfield.

There needs to be ample room for cars to que up to go straight or make turns. I think a left turn signal would be good at Watchung and Front, Park and Seventh, and Seventh and Plainfield Ave. We need to keep traffic in this city moving, as it will only get worse over time.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Bernice said...

I believe there will be a left-turn signal, as there are two lights on the same arm over the roadway. The signalization just has to be activated by some governmental agency.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are usually arrow lights under the green for left turn lanes. I would not count on it being there.

11:18 AM  

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