Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Surreal Bombast of TSB

"Bo and Marty have become a big joke," TSB starts out before launching attacks on JG's Assembly challengers. And then the rhetoric spins off into a maelstrom of mismatched messages.

JG has obtained grants for the public library, TSB says, but what have the challengers done for the library? Obviously, being candidates and not sitting Assembly members, they do not have the same means to steer grants to any Plainfield entities.

The merchant who went on the public record at a council meeting quoting JG later said he meant something else. Exactly how would Bo or anyone at the meeting know that the merchant had suffered a mental lapse, given his forceful response to Bo on what Jerry said? BTW, the merchant told Plaintalker he intends to set the record straight at the next council meeting.

TSB also apparently thinks Italians are a separate race. He also claims to read minds, as in knowing how Bo and Marty "would have voted" if they had been in the Assembly when gay rights issues came up.

Bouncing from library funding to racism to gay rights to education, TSB then blames JG's challengers for a lack of black Republicans in the Assembly.

Oy vey. Enough already.



Blogger me said...

Your readers might be interested to know about Herb Glenn, a Republican candidate for Assembly in the 28th District. (See his photo here: Glenn, Marks, and Vastine have all signed the same Citizens for Assembly pledge. Unless TSB can deny that Mr. Glenn is black, it appears that Glenn is, in fact, "one black Republican in NJ to support" for NJ Assembly.

10:16 AM  

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