Friday, November 20, 2009

BOE Vacancy Announced

City residents who want to serve on the school board may apply for a vacancy by completing a petition and submitting a one-page letter explaining why they wish to serve. The petition form is online here or may be picked up at the Board of Education office, 1200 Myrtle Avenue.

The paperwork must be submitted to BOE Business Administrator Gary Ottmann at the Myrtle Avenue office by Dec. 4. Prospective candidates must be available for interviews on the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 8.

The vacancy is due to the election of school board president Bridget Rivers to the Fourth Ward City Council seat. Rivers must relinquish her school board seat in order to serve on the council.

The person selected to fill the vacancy will serve until the April 2010 election, when the unexpired one-year balance of Rivers' term will be filled. Three regular three-year terms will also be up for election in April. The incumbents whose terms are expiring in April 2010 are Wilma Campbell, Christian Estevez and Martin Cox.

--Bernice Paglia


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