Sunday, January 03, 2010

Panem et Circenses

The mayor wants the blogs and the Courier News to report that 1,000 people attended a Golden Gloves event in 2009.

I would rather be able to report that serious governance is taking place, not bread and circuses.

All over the nation, cities are tightening up their operations and making every taxpayer penny count. Friday's recitation of quotidien "accomplishments" instead of a succinct address on the state of the city was not heartening. Nor was the lack of a strong team at the top. Even small things like getting correct appointments to boards and commissions was apparently too much to expect.

The administration must do better for the governing body and for the public. Late, incomplete or wrong information is a disservice to the City Council at any time, but cannot be tolerated in 2010.

There was a wryly funny cartoon in The New Yorker recently, depicting a can of worms. Another worm was wriggling over, exclaiming, "Par-tay!" Kinda made me think about perceptions.

Let us hope that within the first quarter of 2010 the executive branch will be fully staffed with seasoned, dedicated officials who will put good government first. The legislative branch, led by City Council President Annie McWilliams, has already vowed to put "Plainfield First." The two branches must be able to agree on, and produce, the best stewardship of city resources and to carry out the best interest of city residents over the next four years.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so disheartening to see how incapable the mayor is at running the city, but even more disheartening that she will not allow people to teach her how to be a better leader.

I believe that she is doing what she believes is best for Plainfield, but dismisses any dissention as politics against her. Sad that she cannot be more objective with herself, and give people the benefit of the doubt and realize we are all in this together, and if she succeeds we all do. Spend a little more time analyzing the situations, mayor, and enlarge your group of advisors to people who care about Plainfield and not polticis.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The verdict is out on what Annie will put first. Slogans are good. Actions are better.

We got the slogans. Before we start lots of cheering, let's see some real actions.

3:13 PM  

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