Saturday, March 27, 2010

Next Up for Demolition?

This boarded-up building between 130 and 140 North Avenue could be the next one in the North Avenue Historic District to require demolition, more than one person surmised while watching the building at 187 North Avenue being reduced to rubble.

It has been open to the elements for several years. The photo above is from May 2008.

Before it was boarded up at street level, one could look through an open metal gate and see that the floor was missing planks and the roof had holes.
This is what commuters on the Raritan Valley Line see. The rear of the building is open to squatters and vermin. Before the front was boarded up, piles of garbage could be seen inside.
Those who were predicting a dire future for this building may well be right.
--Bernice Paglia


Blogger Rob said...

Yes the buildings that are in plain sight that for some reason no one who works for city government can see....such a mystery. Where I come from, outside this bubble of frozen like a deer in the headlights of inaction city government, government pursues property owners like this and fine them to the point they repair, sell or have the building taken away from them. But, again, I come from an area where the government actually serves people not stare at them and say " Uhhhhhhh, what are we supposed to do ." Could you imagine the 1 or 2 people who could have had their jobs saved if the city of Plainfield regularly fined and pursued zoning and safety violations?

5:35 AM  

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