Friday, April 30, 2010

Arbor Day 2010

Veterans, seniors, preschoolers, city officials and members of the Shade Tree Commission were among those attending the Arbor Day celebration Friday at the Woodland Avenue monument. The Plainfield High School ROTC presented colors for the flag salute.

Enthusiastic youngsters from the Plainfield Biligual Day Care Center enjoyed the event.

Lamar E. Mackson, Commander of American Legion Post 219, spoke on behalf of the veterans.

Members of the Plainfield Senior Center were among those welcomed by Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs and Public Works & Urban Development Director David Brown II.

The mayor's special gospel singer, Gloria Spence, was among the senior guests.

After descriptions of the 2010 historic and specimen trees by Shade Tree Commission Chairman Dr. Gregory Palermo and myself, veterans helped plant two Kwanzan Cherry trees.

Children added buckets of dirt to the planting site.
The first tree was planted in memory of all men and women who served in the military and made the ultimate sacrifice, and the second was planted in honor of all who have served in the past or are currently serving in the military.

Others in attendance included members of the Union County Youth Corps; the doyenne of Plainfield beautification, Barbara Sandford; YMCA Board Chair Pat Turner Kavanaugh; Fire Chief Cecil Allen; Plainfield Cable Television Advisory Board Chairman Lamar Mackson; Public Works Superintendent John Louise and numerous city staffers.
The 2010 Historic Tree is a century-old Black Walnut on Sandford Avenue and the 2010 Specimen Tree is a very large Sycamore Tree on Brook Lane.
--Bernice Paglia


Blogger Rob said...

We have some of the BEST Sycamore trees in all of NJ in my opinion! Going to have to go see if I can find the Black Walnut tree you mentioned!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous pat said...

Bernice: the historic street on Sandford is named for the same Sandford as Barbara, still Plainfield's "Auntie Litter" and Beautification Booster at 91. Keep up the good work. Plainfield's trees are a treasure. Pat

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will maintain are many trees all over town. Some have support wires still wrapped around them, need to be trimmed and of course the dead limbs on the older ones. Plus could put in a thousand trees if you gave me a can of paint to put X's where I think they should be.


8:32 AM  

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