Sunday, September 11, 2005

That's why they call it 'Park' Avenue

When I moved to Plainfield nearly 19 years ago downtown was a ghost town of boarded up storefronts.

I try to describe to newer residents how you could stand in the middle of Front Street between Park and Watchung on a Saturday afternoon and be hard pressed to count more than three passing cars in a 15 minute period. Honest!

That was then. Plainfield has changed. Downtown is bubbling, even if it isn't your cup of jugo de tamarindo. There's new life and I like it, but it comes with a whole lot more cars.

The traffic jam that snared me on Friday was a temporary situation due to random street closings for repaving and the result will be a great improvement. Still, I would have avoided Park Avenue had I known it would take me an extra ten minutes to make a five minute drive.

Memo to City Hall: The Plaintalker will be happy to publish street closing notices so that residents can plan alternate routes through town.

--Barbara Todd Kerr

KEYWORDS: traffic