Friday, December 09, 2005

Morning snow makes it slow going

I was the first person on the block to shovel out this morning, much to the disappointment of a young man who came down the street looking for work. I was nearly finished when he offered help for a resonable price. Not today, thanks.

Before the sun came out the roads were sloppy and slow going.

I knew better than to go driving in this weather even as I headed out for the pharmacy. My excuse was that I had to pick up a prescription that had run out and I had already skipped one day's dose.

I took a circuitous route home and was just in time to see a tow truck take away a van that didn't quite make the turn at West Fifth Street and Central Avenue.

From what I could glimpse of the vehicle as it was carted off, it fared better than the fence just across the street from the Seventh Day Baptist church.

--Barbara Todd Kerr