Monday, July 17, 2006

Meeting Update

Here’s an update on the school board meetings:
The Board of Education will hold its work and study session at 8 p.m. Wednesday (July 19, 2006) in the Plainfield High School conference room. The high school is located at 950 Park Avenue.
The business meeting will be at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Emerson Swing School, 1700 W. Front St.

Among items on tonight’s City Council agenda:
Councilman Cory Storch, who serves on the Planning Board, will give a “status report” to the council. As part of a revamping of the council’s rules of conduct in April, each council member was assigned to several boards and committees, with the obligation to report back to the council at intervals. According to the schedule, Finance Committee and Cable Television Committee reports are also due, but were not noted on tonight’s agenda.

The Special Improvement District’s manager, David Biagini, is asking the council to approve installation of a 30-foot flagpole at Plainwood Square Park. The group wants the flagpole up by Aug. 3, when a special program of multi-ethnic music and dance will be held as part of a weeklong “National Night Out” event. The SID is also hoping to get its expanded list of members approved. Biagini also wants council permission to hold sidewalk sale days on Aug. 3 through 5.

The city has arranged to swap four city-owned lots, three on East Sixth Street and one on Prescott Place, for three properties owned by SEMA LLC. The city wants the privately-owned lots to further a plan for a greenway along the Green Brook and consolidation of land for a new middle school in the West End.

About a dozen historic properties may be designated as landmarks. They include the Seventh Day Baptist Church, Grace Episcopal Church, the du Cret School of Art, the Fitz-Randolph House and a farmhouse on Leland Avenue that is among the 25 oldest houses still standing in Plainfield. Records in the Planning Office detail the unique features and historic significance of each structure.

All the above items, except for Storch’s report, will be up for a vote at the regualr meeting,8 p.m. Wednesday in Municipal Court, 325 Watchung Ave.

--Bernice Paglia


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