Friday, June 08, 2007

Madison Playground Repairs Coming

Playground improvements will be made to this site near the new county complex, a representative of Schoor DePalma told the Planning Board Thursday.

Jeff Marsden was unable to attend a May meeting with the board and his substitute, Eric Mattes, told the board only a portion of the playground upgrade could be done due to lack of funds. But Marsden assured the board Thursday that founding sources had been found to complete the work. The project has been advertised for bids and Marsden said the work could be completed by late August. He said the biggest problem for the successful biidder might be having enough lead time to get equipment and materials to do the project.

Meanwhile, an annual basketball tournament is scheduled for the end of July.

If necessary, temporary repairs will be made to the parking lot to allow people to stand and watch the game, Marsden said.

In May, Mattes said the 11 parking spaces would be expanded to 36. A discussion of the change revealed that about half the spaces might be leased to residents of a proposed 12-unit condo development on a vacant lot across the street (top left in photo). Marsden said the number of spaces would be 27, including a handicapped parking stall.

Plans call for two play areas, one for children ages 2 to 5 and another for children ages 5 to 12. A seat wall will be erected between the two areas. A 4-foot steel fence will be installed around the play area.

--Bernice Paglia


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