Monday, July 09, 2007

Walkabout Woes

Technical problems foiled my plan to post photos of what I saw on a walk around the neighborhood Sunday. I had to break out a few of the images separately (see three posts below).

The walk itself yielded a lot of information, some of which must be followed up with phone calls or a trip to City Hall (what exactly is going on at that lot on Roosevelt and Second?). On Field Avenue, the vacant house where the body was found Friday reminded me of our own block's struggle with homeless people and drug activity. My neighbor and I think we might know the young woman as someone who frequented our block last summer.

It was good to see a promise of activity at the senior center site and interesting to come across some quirky things like a City of Orlando municipal vehicle on West Fifth (where the building ordered to be demolished several months ago is still standing).

Blue chicory could be seen in abundance on Sunday morning alongside the Roosevelt Avenue lot. One patch had white chicory, something I have never seen before.

A visit to Mi Ranchita on West Front Street for pupusas will be the basis of a future story.

All in all, the walk was eye-opening and a good distraction from the oppressive heat that came later on. Two more hot days are forecast before the heat wave ends. Maybe two more morning walks are in order.

--Bernice Paglia


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