Saturday, September 22, 2007

Say What?

What is it about folks named George that leads to flights of fancy with the English language?

While sitting through nearly four hours of the Sept. 20 Planning Board meeting, I was struck by certain phrases that came out in testimony on the North Avenue Extension redevelopment study.

In describing businesses in the study area, our George called one “a hair cuttery type of place.”

To back up a finding that not much improvement was going on, George cited a “fewness of building permits.”

And to emphasize the faulty arrangement of the PNC Bank parking lot, George said it could lead to “vehicular to vehicular conflict.”

Is that anything like a car crash?

It would be much more amusing if our George wasn’t the author of a redevelopment study that may come under judicial scrutiny at some point.

To see how another George communicates, click here.


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