Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Small Miracles

For many months, I and others had asked to have the trucks, disabled car and pizza oven removed from this lot on Park Avenue. The truck in the foreground has Hillsborough identification on it. The car had two flat tires and an expired inspection sticker. The inexplicable pizza oven can be seen against the wall in front of the truck in the foreground.

The church in the background is trying to attract new members but has had an uphill fight with various quality of life issues that make people fearful or dubious of the surroundings.

Imagine my surprise to see first the trucks and car gone and then the whole lot cleared recently!

In March, I reported for the Courier News on a roof collapse in the 100 block of West Sixth Street. The city's construction official ordered the building to be demolished, but nothing happened.

Lo and behold! This week I saw heavy equipment on the block and the building was demolished! Better late than never.
I don't know what precipitated the sudden push for compliance with city rules, but I do appreciate it.

Now if only the city can get that Somerville company to trim the bushes at the Twin City plaza ...

--Bernice Paglia


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