Sunday, December 09, 2007

Q&A with Adrian Mapp

Plainfielder Adrian Mapp is currently completing a three-year term on the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders. Click here to see bios.
His term ends Dec. 31. Mapp served on the City Council for seven years. Plaintalker sent him a list of questions recently and here they are with his answers.

Q. What is your current employment?
A. I am the Chief Financial Officer for the Borough of Roselle.

Q. In a county controlled by the Regular Democratic Organization, where do you stand politically?
A. I am a Democrat, an independent democrat with no allegiance to the current party bosses.

Q. You ran off the line for re-election to the Union County Freeholder Board. Your running mates have tried often to buck the Democratic organization. Why is it important to you to do so?
A. Someone must always be willing to stand up and speak truth to power even when the odds appear to be insurmountable. Someone will hear your voice, however faint it may be, will believe in your cause and will join your struggle. And, in the end, regardless of how long it takes and in spite of defeats along the way, the forces of good will triumph over the forces of evil. Capitulation is the enemy of perseverance; and acquiescence is the antithesis of dogged determination.

Q. You stayed on as president of the New Democrats even after winning a freeholder seat with party backing. What is the current status of the New Democrat organization?
A. The New Democrat organization has been most successful as a loosely structured organization; it is in the organization's best interest to function in that fashion and in the spirit of its founder. The organization will continue to be a force for change in Plainfield. New Democrats are alive and well and will come together and stand together as the need dictates.

Q. In your letter to supporters, you allude to a third phase of public service after serving on the City Council and the county freeholder board. Please explain.
A. I will spend the next several months planning for life after the freeholder board. I will be paying very close attention to the activities of the mayor and council. I believe Plainfield lacks leadership and is in need of a strong leader who will lead from the front, not from in the shadows of a mentor. I want to provide the leadership that is currently lacking in Plainfield.

Q. What is your concept of "public service" and how will you present it to voters?
A. Public service is serving the community by making personal sacrifices and elevating the interest of the public above that of your own. But, most importantly, it is catering to the essential needs of the public. Public service is a noble calling; it is what one is willing to do in order to make the community better for contemporaries, for the children and for generations yet unborn. It is a way to give of oneself, one's knowledge, expertise, and experience to build a stronger, prosperous and vibrant community. I will present my concept of public service to the voters in my own inimitable style.


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