Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winds of Change

Plainfield is facing lots of changes in the coming weeks, especially in the school district, where the top leadership is leaving Dec. 31.

Officials are talking about the possibility of reverting to an appointed school board instead of an elected one.

On the city side, the finance director and chief financial officer have both left.

Downtown redevelopment plans are being challenged by merchants who say their needs are not being considered. Other proposals for development along the rail line are under scrutiny for their relevance to the city's character and economic needs.

The Dornoch project, a bellwether for the success of condo sales in Plainfield, will soon show early results.

There's a lot more. The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority, the Public Works yard and a badly needed new middle school may be vying for the same few large parcels of land.

All the above items need our attention as the New Year approaches. Plaintalker will strive to keep you informed.

--Bernice Paglia


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