Sunday, April 27, 2008

IT - You're It!

The updated city web site became both the good news and bad news this weekend after people questioned how it came about.

Those with questions about IT contracts, shared services and the present state of the web site would be well advised to bring their concerns directly to the administration, which put forth the plan, and city officials who approved the arrangement.

The City Council will hold an agenda session at 7:30 p.m. Monday (April 28, 2008) in City Hall Library, 515 Watchung Ave. Members of the public may ask questions on any topic at the end of the meeting. And thanks to the improved web site, there are phone numbers where you can call your elected officials with queries.

The web site,, also has e-mail links to City Council members.

The shared services agreement includes more items than just updating the web site, but some of the questions received by bloggers are based on how the responsibilities are divvied up. Others asked about RFPs, or Requests for Proposals, by service providers. Certainly there are many IT professionals in Plainfield who would leap at the chance to fix up the city web site for decent compensation.

Maybe the controversy will bring more people to council meetings in coming weeks. Besides Monday’s agenda session, the council will have a regular meeting May 5, an agenda session May 12 (when I will be in Seattle celebrating my 70th birthday), and a regular meeting May 19 before the election hiatus for the June 3 primary.

The June agenda session will be on the 9th, with the regular meeting June 16.

The IT pilot contract is supposed to expire June 30, so questions between now and then will be especially important.

--Bernice Paglia


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