Monday, April 07, 2008

Late Mayor's Daughter Seeks Office

A day after the first anniversary of two-term Mayor Albert T. McWilliams’ death, his daughter Annie filed to run for City Council under the New Democrats banner her father first unfurled to challenge the Regular Democrats.

Annie McWilliams is challenging City Council President Harold Gibson in the June primary for the citywide at-large seat. Last month, Annie McWilliams gave a presentation on a public memorial sought by family and friends of her father, who died of renal cancer at the age of 53. The group had hoped for a council resolution in time for a commemorative church service April 6, but at the March 19 regular council meeting, Gibson exercised his power as president to remove the resolution from the agenda. (Plaintalker’s coverage engendered a letter from Gibson and comments from the mayor’s widow, Darlene, and others. See the March 28 blog post.)

Adrian Mapp, a former city councilman and Union County freeholder, also filed for a council seat, opposing incumbent Councilman Don Davis in the Third Ward. Mapp drew the wrath of both local and county Regular Democrats by retaining leadership of the New Democrats after winning on the party line. Resident Olive Lynch is also making her first political bid for the Third Ward seat under the slogan, “Democrat for Change.”

Councilman William Reid is unopposed in the primary. Reid is seeking a two-year unexpired term representing the First Ward.

Republican Deborah Dowe is unopposed for the citywide at-large seat and no GOP candidates filed for the other two seats.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annie McWilliams and Adrian Mapp have my support. Annie's youthful freshness, hope, and enthusiasm will be a nice change from the turgid unimaginativeness of Gibson and she has a background in finance. Mapp has experience as a finance expert and as a council member. Maybe they can help find ways to do more with our municipal budget and get rid of "excess" fat.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot vote for Mapp, but wish him well. Annie is just what Plainfield needs. If you heard Gibson's speech at the committee meeting, it was a rambling of I don't know what. What is scarier, is he thought that starting the council meetings with a non-denominational prayer was his greatest achievement (or at least the only one he spoke of). Someone should tell him that there is a separation of church and state and that no prayer would be most appropriate. Scary.

Annie will be the beginning of a new and revitalized Plainfield -smart people who have forward thinking and will bring vision to Plainfield. You go girl! You have my vote.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am no longer a resident of Plainfield but I am not far, Annie you have my full support! I know you will make Plainfield proud. The city is screaming for fresh new leadership. God Bless You!

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Annie McWilliams personally. She is my granddaughter and since she was a very small child, she has been caring, detailed, driven, and very organized. She has grown up to be a woman of beautiful character. I am old enough to know that the direction that our country is going in is one that does not benefit the majority. We need young people like Annie who cares about the young and the old. She works diligently every Saturday with Plainfield's youth. Her conversations with me tells me of her deep concern for the senior citizen issues. Plainfield will be a better place with the leadership of Annie McWilliams.

Mrs. Wanda Crow, Arkansas

2:30 PM  

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