Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shooting "The Messenger"

Woody Harrelson, seen here on Crescent Avenue, is starring in "The Messenger," an independent film that tells the story of one American soldier. Shooting took place Thursday (May 22, 2008) at Viola's Place and Columbia Apartments.

Harrelson takes a lunch break on the front stoop of Viola's Place. The City Council granted permission for a cast and crew of about 85 people to use the East Seventh Street and Crescent locations.

This car, with a camera in the back and two soldiers in the front seat, made numerous passes in the driveway next to my building. The weather changed practically minute by minute from rain to clouds to bright sun, making me wonder how the scenes would be put together.

The normally tidy Connolly property was deliberately strewn with papers, presumably for that untidy "urban" effect.

The crew pitched a tent and gathered behind one Connolly garage, seen here with my rather overgrown iris garden in the foreground.
A friendly crew member smiles at this blogger/gawker while awaiting the cast.
The War Memorial makes a fitting landmark for the film location. The soldier's tale also stars Ben Foster and Samantha Morton and marks the directorial debut of Oren Moverman, who co-wrote "I'm Not There," the Bob Dylan biopic.

Block 832 was jammed with special equipment for the filming. Tents, trucks, cables and carts of stuff were all over the place. There was an impressive stand with big jars of candy and snacks behind Viola's Place and a food truck nearby at Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church. City police kept everything calm and orderly. Now we can't wait to see the movie!

--Bernice Paglia


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