Monday, May 19, 2008

Clerks Garner Honors

Monday's City Council meeting included a mention of Municipal Clerks Week and Freeholder Chairman Angel Estrada's resolution honoring the clerks of Union County. But Municipal Clerk Laddie Wyatt was away in Atlanta, giving honor to one of her own who is achieving an international honor.

The International Institute of Municipal Clerks is holding its annual conference in Atlanta this year and Savannah, Ga. Municipal Clerk Dyanne Reese will become the organization's first African-American president.

As Wyatt has often explained, the office of clerk predates Biblical times and is a key part of any civilization, as the clerk is the link between a government and its citizens. Click here for an informative history of the clerk.

And click here and scroll down for a photo of Wyatt recently being honored as a Woman of Excellence for Lifetime Achievement in Municipal Government. Congratulations to Wyatt, Reese and all the clerks!

--Bernice Paglia


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