Saturday, June 28, 2008

No BOE Agendas Saturday

Those of us eager to know details of Monday's special Board of Education meeting were disappointed to find no agendas available at the Plainfield Public Library Saturday.

Some of us made a couple of trips and even waited until the 1 p.m. closing, but no luck.

The high interest is both on the topic of the incoming superintendent's contract, but also the second item, decisions on jobs and assignments as per the notice on the district web site.

The recent abolishment of job titles, issuance of new titles and assignments for just one month have triggered a bit of uncertainty that needs to be resolved.

Our new superintendent is beginning a four-year stint in what is arguably a difficult and challenged district. The long and secret search process may not guarantee immunity from Plainfield politics now that the superintendent is here.

We hope the learning curve will include both acquiring knowledge of the district as well as how to resist political pressures to fit external agendas.

Plainfield has a history of setting people up and then knocking them down when they don't produce results in a short time frame. This time around, the baggage is huge. Transparency is needed more than ever as the district confronts unprecedented pressures to do more with less.

To our new superintendent, we say, trust your instincts and believe that there are many who wish you the best. Please keep an open mind and open policy as you take your first steps on the path of leadership in Plainfield.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bernice, well said! I would like to also address the new job titles (which are only for a month)-why are we having vp's in content areas? I never heard of such a thing as vice-principal of content areas for a district!! vo's are on a school level not a district level. Can someone please explain that to me? On a separate note...why haven't we heard anything about Plainfield's teachers union president, Eric Jones, resigning? Not one single word! i live and teach in Plainfield and pay a over a $1000 in union dues each year and wantto know who exactly is representing the teachers? We lost many excellent teachers and I fear we will lose more unless Gallon steps up to rebuild our confidence.

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