Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Clarification and Some Thoughts on Comments

Muhlenberg protesters who confronted the City Council after public comment closed on July 14 say they were under the impression that the meeting had adjourned and the council was still holding a discussion.

The end of the meeting was tumultuous and confusing. It did appear that the meeting was adjourned, but maybe the council was voting to close public comment. Those who to whom it is of concern can certainly listen to the tape. There was a motion to adjourn just after one protester said, "Job Male must be rolling in his grave."

As far as comments on blog posts, Plaintalker began allowing comments as an experiment. However, it seems that frequent posters on the Star-Ledger's Plainfield Forum have taken their issues to the blog. I am urging those who wish to comment to focus their statements on what is reported, not on their opinions of each other. And of course, the forum is still there for those who want to use it.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My understanding is that when the cable commission's vacancies were filled, the period of ascertainment was over. Therefore, chanages cannot be made until the new period comes up. I hope the cable commission knows when they must start looking at the contract, so that if changes need to be made, they are within their rights to do so.

Also, I heard (not validated) that the administration wanted to put sports on the second channel. Again, just heresay, nothing concrete.

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