Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clean Sidewalks, Dad-Gum It!

The proposed purchase of an $11,000 power washer to clean downtown sidewalks revived the Great Bubblegum Controversy of 2005. No sooner had sparkly new white sidewalks been installed that summer than they became marred with globs of spit-out chewing gum.

Click here for Plaintalker’s report.

Rasheed Abdul-Haqq spoke again on the subject Monday, saying even if the gum can be removed by the pressure washer, stains will remain. He proposed using asphalt for sidewalks instead of concrete, citing such use in Middlesex.

Public Works & Urban Development Director Jennifer Wenson Maier defended the proposed purchase, saying she saw a demonstration that proved the machine’s effectiveness. She called the use of asphalt “a very creative idea,” but pointed out that black asphalt retains heat and can cause discomfort.

Resident George Gore, a frequent traveler, said Singapore imposes a $500 fine for spitting out gum on a sidewalk and a second infraction brings a jail term. Gore called for better enforcement to deter those who would deposit gum on city sidewalks.

Click here for a view of one gum-removing machine. Singapore notwithstanding, gum on sidewalks is a problem in most major cities.

Chewing gum sales are reported to reach billions of dollars nowadays. For an early inquiry into chewing gum issues, click here.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to have the Plainfield Beautification committee in place. This is so simple folks - let's get Plainfield cleaned up. Get the business owners to create tasteful window dressings - get the landlords to take care of their property, and be respectful of the neighbors who own around them, and let's get the people of Plainfield to care about their property. Two really quick things that will make all the difference:

1- take a walk around your propery and pick up the garbage thrown out by the low lifes
2- Take care of your trees, which includes pruning, getting rid of dead trees and getting rid of the stumps.

10:05 AM  

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