Thursday, July 24, 2008

Council Approves Settlements

Three city employees will share in a $500,000 settlement with the city over working conditions under Health Officer Jadwiga Warwas.

Earlene Belle, Carolina Martinez and Priscilla Pyke-Angoy alleged the stressful and hostile working conditions began in 2003.

The settlement was among several approved by the City Council Monday.

The family of Fausto Ramos will receive $99,000 in a wrongful death case. Ramos was struck by a police cruiser April 22, 2006 on West Front Street.

Other settlements approved Monday include $8,694 for claims arising from Detective Francis Wilson’s injuries from a fall into a pothole; $15,939 to Police Sgt. Kenneth Reid for injuries to his left leg while on duty; $20,000 to Freddie Cisson Jr.; $27,000 in workman’s compensation to Priscilla Pyke-Angoy; and a payment of $24,508.79 to the Municipal Excess Liability Joint Insurance Fund in the matter of Paul Newborn vs. the City of Plainfield.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another reason to get rid of Briggs/Green. This is another result of improper and self-serving management practices. Plainfield is an economically stressed community with very high taxes - which includes the PMUA patronage basket. Laws suites for discrimination are inexcusable.

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