Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking A Break

There's not much news in the Queen City this time of year. The sound track of summer in my neighborhood is the pounding of jackhammers as repairs are being made to the water system. Walking around is a little tricky, what with temporary hoses snaking around the curbs and situations like the water hazard at Crescent and Seventh, pictured above. Lots of water is gurgling and spraying out of these hoses. There was rather a spectacular fountain shooting out over Gavett Place a few days ago.

The company doing the repairs, J. Fletcher Creamer, has a motto in what appears to be Portuguese on all its trucks. Organization and Progress - two ideals that are eluding me in these days of extreme heat and thunderstorms.

So for the time being I plan to listen to my Fleet Foxes CD and EP for about the hundredth time. My vacation in May reminded me that when you are retired, you have to assign yourself days off from all the unpaid work that retirees seem to get into, like blogging.

Readers who have been on vacation in the past week or so are invited to check out recent Plaintalker news posts on the finance director and a South Avenue apartment building proposal.

--Bernice Paglia


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