Friday, November 14, 2008

Downtown Sights on a Rainy Day

"Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" was my reaction to this ginkgo tree's bright yellow foliage. We are now in the season where gloomy skies and waning light can make a person feel down in the dumps. But it's just about six weeks until the winter solstice, after which the days begin to get longer and windowsill plants respond to the increasing light.

All the recent talk of bank closings made this facade an interesting image, with its colorful neon beer signs. This building has been through many transitions and is now a nightclub/restaurant with an entrance from the back parking lot.

Posters are up for the feast of the Virgen de Guadalupe on Dec. 12, a very important celebration to many people in Plainfield, Mexico and across Latin America. The observance includes processions, a torch relay and overnight religious ceremonies with songs and tributes to the patron saint. Check a Spanish television station on Dec. 11 for views of the celebration in churches and cathedrals in Latino communities in the United States and other countries.
--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a dump this town is....your pictures only make it more and more obvious....


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