Sunday, November 23, 2008

Extreme Thrift in Seattle

My daughter attended the "Glitter Sale" at Goodwill in Seattle and among other treasures scored this St. John top with paillette detail for a fraction of its Nordstrom cost. Plaintalker previously published a link to the Glitter Sale, which alas is over now.

The top had the original Nordstrom markdown tag still on it. The starting price wasn't listed, but still a markdown from $259 to $39.99 is rather remarkable. St. John, as we Jerseyans may recall, was a favored designer of Dina Matos McGreevey.
Audrey thought the top might be good to wear at Richard Hugo House readings, for a little glamour to go along with the literary atmosphere.
Local bargain mavens responded to my article on the exodus of thrift shops from Plainfield by recommending regional shops and advocating "Free-Cycling," a sort of exchange where people post their unwanted items for others to acquire.
In Seattle, a lot of apartment buildings have free goods in laundry rooms or other common areas and it makes good sense. Some of our acquisitions turn out not to look too good in retrospect and why shouldn't others profit by our mistakes or changed tastes?
Among favored thrift shops in Central Jersey is the Frippery Thrift Shop of Wilson Memorial Church at 40 Hillcrest Road in Watchung, just up the road apiece. Call (908) 561-8298 for details.
Other listings in the phone book are the Holy Cross Thrift Shop in North Plainfield at 40 Mercer Street. Call (908) 753-2888 to check on hours, etc.
The Thrift Shop of Fanwood-Scotch Plains at 1730 East Second Street, Scotch Plains, (908) 322-5420 and The Thrift Shop of the Westfield Service League at 114 Elmer Street, Westfield, (908) 233-2530 are also good bets.
Click here for more information on Freecycle. Passing along unwanted possessions is really a very good community thing. In months to come, we may all be looking for such sharing as we come to grips with reduced income, higher consumer costs and other economic woes.
--Bernice Paglia


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Freecycle is the best organization! The stated purpose is to keep things out of land fills. I have received many nice, useful things and gotten rid of items we no longer need and don't want to throw out. This includes a snow blower and furniture and things you would not expect to have a "taker" like the plastic sleeves your newspapers come in (good for dog pickup)or used magazines. Sign up on-line at under Union County.

Pat Ballard Fox

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